Symposia: This show is dedicated to K-pop girl group, TWICE, I love you.

05 March 2020 to 27 March 2020



Exhibiting practices primarily operate with apparatus as primary objective. This apparatus, according to Giorgio Agamben, refers to the orienting, reinforcing, or even controlling of social discourse and opinion. Alluding to a soft power reminiscent of contemporary art movements past, 'Symposia', to put simply, is a fun K-pop music video. A video with a fucktonne (3.2 million) of likes on YouTube.

Finding common ground between contemporary art and K-Pop music production in its didactic intentions to orient social discourse, 'Symposia' is my fantasy of a successful career in the arts. The feelings I have for giants such as Sol LeWitt, Hans Haacke, and Andrea Fraser are the exact same feelings I have for all nine members of TWICE. God, I love them so much. As an artist, I take on the image of a pop star, asking: who gets to be at on top of the charts? What does it take to be a significant contributor to the culture? Do I have to be an Agamben-quoting ‘intellectual’ to do it? I mean, I never quite felt like a part of the arts community until I started name-dropping Foucault in conversations.

Fusing elements of contemporary exhibiting practices and pop music production, I propose a miniature gallery space for 'Symposia'; collecting an array of discussion topics aiming to launch the trajectory of my apparatus inwards. I never quite felt like a part of the Western Asian diaspora until I started listening to K-Pop.

'Symposia' is my troublesome debut as a pop star. Bringing to light the moral paradoxes within the dynamics of cultural production, exposing the process of institutionalising the resistant artist. Simultaneously realising that a critique of such isn’t so effective when you want to be, like, the best artist ever.


Four fluorescent LED light tubes will be suspended from the ceiling to form a square shape mimicking the physical space of gallery one in miniature form. The lights will be suspended with steel wire and perforated steel fittings down to a height of about 30cm above ground. Inside the rectangle will be nine small square-shaped plinths varying in height, painted with the same gallery white of Seventh on the outer exterior of the plinths.

Two plinths will house an archive of individually annotated documents cut into squares stacked atop the plinths. One plinth will have documents related to art market moral controversies, the other will have documents related to pop music controversies. These documents will be stacked at varying heights depending on the quantity collected, and to be collected, before the time of the exhibition.

Another plinth will have an iPad displaying a music video recorded by myself to FEEL SPECIAL by TWICE. The music video will be a cover of the original work by TWICE, with my rendition following the exact choreography and sequence seen in the original video. The music video will be re-recorded at SEVENTH for the occasion.

The rest of the plinths will either be hollow or contain seminal research documents, individually annotated, on the history of exhibiting practices and theory. Agamben, Obrist, you name it, all xposing the inner workings of the institution. These documents will be inside the hollow of the plinths, crumpled or folded.



To critique, interrogate, or challenge, implies a deeply embedded existence within the ecology one wishes to question. Cognitive. A critique of institution warrants a critique of the self. Dissonance.

Symposia is my debut music video as a critical arts practitioner: presenting to you the moral paradoxes of institutionalising a resistant artist. I never quite felt well-versed enough in the turbulent politics of contemporary art until I started dropping words like ‘ecology’ or ‘interrogate’ in casual conversations. Out of this dialectic, comes a forced harmony of ‘high’ and ‘low’ cultural production forms, all curated to perfection, or so it seems. It’s East vs. West, and I never quite felt a part of the broader Asian diaspora until I started listening to K-pop and drinking bubble tea.

I’m lactose intolerant.